Director Message



Lack of awareness among school children in their formative years of education about their future  career opportunities coupled with lack of career guidance at the right age and also the non availability of infra structural facilities for soft skill development are the primary reasons for the poor performance of youth of Kerala in national level competitive examinations and interviews especially for induction into Armed Forces, Para Military Forces and other Uniformed Services in India. Uniformed Services account for the major share of Government jobs which are highly attractive for the job aspirants because of its balance combination of social status, stability of service, post retirement benefits and job satisfaction. 

Saradhi Centre For Excellence  ( SCFE) is a unique Coaching Institution which undertakes free career guidance programme for the students  fraternity , provides coaching facilities for National /State level Entrance Examinations , imparts Physical Training for the candidates and conducts grooming and mentoring sessions for their inclusive development in soft skills. This comprehensive coaching programme is undertaken by our distinguished panel of experts using the state of the  art audio-visual aids and modern infra structural facilities. 

I firmly believe that the requisite traits, techniques and leadership qualities can be inculcated in the personality of students through scientifically designed motivational tools , guidance and training . Our Coaching programme emphasises  on  harnessing mind power and skill development of candidates in order to enable them to emerge victorious in their competitive examinations and Interviews with flying colours.

 I wish every student all success and happiness.

                                                            ( Col S Vijayan) 

                                                            Director – SCFE