SCFE is conceived, founded and run by  Saradhi Trust as a non-profit oriented  Charitable Educational Institutional network  that focus on  rural talent by finding eligible and brilliant candidates from economically backward rural areas and grooming  and  equipping  them with competitive edge at the National level selection tests under the able  guidance of experienced professional experts, at affordable cost.

SCFE has been envisioned as a specialized Coaching Facility to aid, assist and guide aspiring candidates for officers’ selection in the three wings of the Defence Services  (Army, Navy and Air Force) as well as Paramilitary Forces (other Uniformed Services of the Central Government). 

SCFE coaching program is equipped and meticulously designed, deploying state of the art technology and latest audiovisual instructional and training methodology, specifically designed to prepare candidates to meet the unique requirements of modern selection process of officer cadets in the Defence Forces, and would provide competitive edge to those aspirants who seriously endeavor  to get selected as Commissioned Officers (Class I Gazetted Officers)   in the three wings of the  Armed Forces  and also as officers  in  the Paramilitary Forces, apart from recruitment to non-gazetted ranks and other civilian posts.

Systematic Expansion: We in SCFE are satisfied that despite all adversities, the Institution has come out with flying colours within this short span of three (3) years of its operations. SCFE commenced its operation with only NDA classes but has pursued its expansion process with single minded dedication and focus on its mission with considerable speed. As on date SCFE offers over seven specialized courses for aspirants in the officers cadre apart from the multiple courses dedicated for other ranks (Non Gazetted Officers) .   

Success Story: The tally of 8 successful officer cadets from SCFE undergoing training in the various Defence officers Training Institutions, with an overall success of 100 candidates from all the streams put together within the initial three years of existence  is  certainly a success story  by any genuine standards applicable to this highly specialized field, which is  a matter of pride for SCFE  and its dedicated management team  as well as a recognition of merit  for the commitment of its learned faculty members.